A system for optimal results.
Take our word for it!

SYSTEMK4 with the solvent SOLVONK4 provides all requirements for effective and hygienic cleaning of delicate textiles. The cleaning system is perfectly supplemented by following three products:

  • PRENETTK4 – The brushing agent.

For strongly soiled pieces SYSTEMK4 offers a brushing agent: PRENETTK4. It reliably removes soil such as collar or cuff dirt. PRENETTK4 rinses out residue free and supports dirt removal during the cleaning process. PRENETTK4 is VOC-free and unscented. Even in small amounts PRENETTK4 is highly effective and at the same time protects delicate textiles. To remove specific stains we
recommend the tried and tested spotting agents from Kreussler (Deprit Professional Series and Prenett A, B, C).

  • CLIPK4 – The detergent concentrate.

CLIPK4, the highly concentrated drycleaning detergent is distinguished by its excellent cleaning performance and hygienic freshness. It protects against greying, has excellent anti-static properties and lastingly improves the wearing comfort of dry-cleaned clothes. Whites stay white after dry-cleaning, the colors are fresh and the feel is superb. Not only dirt but also foreign odors, for example after a fire, are completely removed. When cleaning leather the addition of lubricants or emollients is no longer necessary. The leather is clean, wonderfully soft and simply has a good feel to it. With the highly concentrated CLIPK4 you can use small amounts and still achieve very good cleaning results.

  • VINOYK4 – The water and stain repellant agent.

For water and stain repellency with VINOYK4 the fluorocarbon resin is already pre-dissolved in SOLVONK4. The system conformity preserves solvent pureness and prevents unnecessary residue. In addition this also ensures that the chemical-physical properties (flashpoint, boiling point, polarity) of the solvent remain unchanged. This leads to increased process and work safety. The goods receive a full feel and an excellent spot protection and water repellency.