Definitely the right solution.

When developing SYSTEMK4 we focused on the needs of all parties. Our goal was to develop an effective system from which all would benefit – from the cleaner to the shop assistant to the end customer. This is the only way for us to ensure long-term success and together look forward to a secure future!

Along with the already mentioned advantages, SYSTEMK4 offers numerous further advantages for…

…all parties:

SYSTEMK4 is tested and dermatologically absolutely harmless. SOLVONK4 is more powerful than all the previous cleaning technologies. Due to it being free of hazardous substances (according to the CLP-Regulation) and its favorable general categorization (by GHS), it is quickly and fully accepted by colleagues, clients, landlords and authorities.

…dry-cleaning entrepreneurs:

In some places operating dry-cleaners with PER solvents is already prohibited (e.g. in supermarkets in Germany) or will be prohibited in the near future (e.g. California in 2020). As opposed to perchloroethylene SYSTEMK4 offers a long-term solution for the dry-cleaning business – and that with powerful cleaning effect and no compromises.

Since SYSTEMK4 is not a hazardous material, delivery is fast, uncomplicated and logistically unlimited. Capital commitment and extensive stock keeping are a thing of the past! With SYSTEMK4 costs and effort for intense training sessions are unnecessary. This reduces risks and improves your budget!

…employees in dry-cleaning businesses:

SYSTEMK4 ensures safe and easy working. The effort for spotting is greatly reduced.

…end customer:

SYSTEMK4 offers customer, who are reluctant to have expensive clothing dry-cleaned, a real alternative. Because unpleasant odors are a thing of the past. Textiles cleaned with SYSTEMK4 are absolutely odorless. An important aspect for persons who are very sensitive to odors.

One system – multiple advantages!